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Outdoor experiences foster ecological literacy and stewardship skills, enhancing an awareness of the link between plants in the landscape and our clothing, food, shelter, and well-being. They also provide students with the time and space to explore the natural world–something that can occur rarely in today’s era of indoor living. 


Urban Roots was created to empower families, businesses, schools, and communities to get outdoors, explore nature, enjoy the environment we share, and nurture a passion of growing their own food. Our primary goal is to re-energize the lost art of backyard organic food production. We support inspiring gardeners, in their pursuit, of having their own fresh vegetables, in turn, reducing food miles, saving them money, and creating self-sustainability. We help connect people to their homes, their soil, and the food that they eat. We offer a range of growing opportunities for all ages. 

In addition to gardening, we believe that young learners experience true free play outdoors. Play that's not set up according to an adult agenda – in forests and open spaces, not designated play areas. There are no specific activities, no fixed equipment; there are tree branches and muddy slopes. The spaces themselves are inspiring. Youth set their own challenges, assess their own risks, take their own responsibility, have their own adventures, and learn from them. And what they learn can't be taught. With this ideology, we design Summer STEM camps. Each camp is tailored with adventures ranging from harvesting summer vegetables to splashing in the cool water of creeks. It's science in action!! 

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